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Welcome to The Youngish Adult Diaries!

I’m the kind of girl who loves a stupid raunchy movie, but who also loves Downton Abbey and Jane Austen.  I’m a bit of a dork (three cheers for Hufflepuff!), a bit of a girly girl, and a bit of a goofball – once you get to know me.  I’m shy at first, but soon you’ll find I’m silly and sweet, sarcastic, and laid-back.

I hate rudeness, sports, prejudice, math, artificial sweeteners, and people who leave their trash on the floor at the movies.  I love teaching, books, Jesus, pop culture, makeup, family, Netflix, coffee, and my friends.

I’m perpetually single, although I’ve been on a ridiculous amount of bad dates.  I have been called picky.  I can’t disagree, although I prefer the term “selective.”  I’m an introvert, and a textbook INFP on the MBTI scale.  I have an extremely overactive and vivid imagination.  This is both a blessing and a curse.

I am thirty-two.  I don’t quite know how this happened.
I’m not old, but I’m not exactly young anymore either.

I am a youngish adult.  This is my story.

Marjorie Whitlock

What you can expect to find on The Youngish Adult Diaries:
– Funny, Heartfelt, and/or Ridiculous Essays and Stories
– Makeup and Beauty Tips
– Pop Culture Tidbits
– Cautionary Tales of Bad Dates
– Things I Wish I Knew in my Twenties
– Possibly Snarky Movie, Music, and TV Reviews
– Other Assorted Random Awesomeness

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Comments?  Questions?  I love feedback!

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I dislike requirements. But since I’ve loved you unconditionally all these years and was once a youngish adult myself, I’ll comply. May not reply again for weeks, and not sure what goes where, and……oh yes, my comment. This is great! Very admirable! I’m more than simply proud of you for brazenly putting your self out there! Love you sweety!


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